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Despot Plum 0.7L

Despot Plum 0.7L

Despot Plum is a plum brandy that has undergone three years of maturation in oak barrels, representing a premium product of traditional production. This purely natural brandy proudly bears the seal of authenticity, as it is produced by blending the best varieties of plums, without the addition of flavor enhancers or aromas.

Every drop of Despot Plum carries carefully selected fruit, and the process of distillation and aging in oak barrels is carried out with special care and expertise. The three years of maturation in oak add richness to the flavor of this brandy. The plum brandy is of a delicate golden-yellow color, with an aromatic profile featuring discreet traces of oak. The taste is balanced and sophisticated, with a gentle sweetness of ripe plums merging with the warmth of oak tones.

Despot Plum exudes harmony and elegance, offering a true delight for lovers of traditional and authentic spirits.

Despot Plum, in an elegant box, is ideal as a corporate gift in companies or as a gift for someone special to you.

Alcohol content: 41.5%

Varieties: Čačanka rodna, Lepotica, and Stenlej

Volume: 0.7L

Price: 1800.00 RSD 2.000 RSD (10% off)