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About the Distillery

Where tradition meets hedonism

Welcome to Despot Distillery, a family distillery located in the heart of Serbia, where tradition meets modern charm, and the art of distillation takes on a whole new meaning.

Destilerija Despot mladenovac

Despot Distillery is more than a brand – it is a harmonious blend of traditional values and modern distillation. We are aware that every encounter is worth celebrating, that's why our brandy is here to complement the most beautiful moments spent with family and friends. That is why the Despot Distillery takes care of every detail, starting with the fruit itself, its processing, aging, and up to the luxurious packaging. Our team of distillation experts is dedicated to the art of creating premium brandy. Using carefully selected raw materials, traditional distillation techniques, as well as our family passion, every drop of Despot brandy bears the stamp of expertise and dedication. Every step in the production process is carefully monitored to ensure the premium quality of our brandies.

What we are especially proud of is the true naturalness of the taste, without the addition of sugar and aromas, which guarantees pleasure in every drop.

Despot Distillery owns 11 hectares of its own orchard, where the fruits are hand-picked and then transported to the distillery and our cold store. With strict ripeness control, further processing of the fruit follows, i.e. washing, boning and pureeing. After fermentation, the distillation process follows in 500-liter cauldrons with three columns, after which the distillate is aged in oak barrels and chrome vessels.

Destilerija Despot mladenovac