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Despot Mead 0.7L

Despot Mead 0.7L

Despot Mead represents an exceptionally rich and aromatic spirit that combines the traditional apple base with the warmth and sweetness of honey. Despot mead is obtained through a special process of macerating honey in the distilled apple base.

Despot Mead stands out with its golden-yellow color, reflecting the natural tones of apple fruit and the light golden shine of honey. Each sip not only offers a refreshing experience but also a warmth and sweetness that gradually develops on the palate. Besides being an exceptionally aromatic drink, mead also represents a style and elegance. Its presence on the table adds a touch of luxury and attention to detail. Women enjoy every moment with a glass of this honey treat, whether in the company of friends, at a relaxed dinner, or in moments of self-indulgence. Indulge in the charms of our mead, enjoying every moment of relaxation with a glass of this exceptional spirit.

Despot Mead provides an irresistible foundation for creating perfect cocktails.

Alcohol content: 32.0%

Varieties: Ajdared i delišes

Volume: 0.7L

Price: 1350.00 RSD 1.500 RSD (10% off)