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Despot Apricot 0.5L

Despot Apricot 0.5L

Perfectly ripened apricots impart an intense fruity character to Despot Apricot, with sweet tones and a gentle acidity that further enriches its flavor. The distillation process, with a special focus on preserving the essence of the fruit, results in a brandy that carries the aroma and taste of sun-ripened apricots. Its smooth texture and soft finish make every sip of Despot Apricot a true indulgence for the palate. Immerse yourself in the pure luxury of this distillate, feeling the warmth of the summer sun and the scent of juicy apricots every time you raise your glass.

Despot Apricot, presented in an elegant box, is ideal as a corporate gift in companies or as a gift for someone special to you.

Alcohol content: 40.5%

Variety: Kečkemetska ruža

Volume: 0.5L

Price: 1755.00 RSD 1.950 RSD (10% off)